Kim Basinger Net Worth

Kim Basinger Net Worth

If you are looking for Kim Basinger's net worth, you have come to the right place. This 67-year-old singer has been a part of a number of different projects over the course of her career, and has managed to earn a nice sum of $10 million for her role in I Dreamed of Africa. Aside

If you are looking for Kim Basinger’s net worth, you have come to the right place. This 67-year-old singer has been a part of a number of different projects over the course of her career, and has managed to earn a nice sum of $10 million for her role in I Dreamed of Africa. Aside from her singing career, this singer has also been involved in animal rights activism and is a supporter of the environment.

67 years old

Kim Basinger is an American actress, singer, model and producer. She was born in 1953. Her parents were Ann Lee and Donald Wade Basinger. They raised her as a Methodist.

At a young age, Kim studied ballet. Then she joined the cheerleading team. As a teenager, she competed in the America’s Junior Miss Scholarship Pageant.

After a short stint in the modeling industry, she began her acting career in the early 1970s. Kim appeared in several made-for-TV movies, including “Charlie’s Agent-1976”. In 1980, she married makeup artist Ron Snyder-Britton. Their daughter, Ireland Eliesse, was born in 1995.

When she was 17, Kim won the prestigious America’s Junior Miss Scholarship Pageant. That year, she was also nominated for a Saturn Award.

Earned $10 million for I Dreamed Of Africa

Kim Basinger is one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. In her forty-plus years in the entertainment business, she has earned more than $32 million. She has starred in many popular movies and has appeared on several popular television shows. She also made a splash as a supermodel in the 1980s. However, she also had some financial issues during this time.

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Basinger started out as a model for Ford Modeling Agency. During this time, she was paid $1000 a day. Eventually, she rejected the offer. Later, she worked as a singer and an actress.

The actress eventually became known for her roles in movies such as Batman, L.A. Confidential, 9 1/2 Weeks, and 8 Mile. For the latter, she earned a nomination for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress.

Has dabbled in various projects as a singer

It’s not hard to believe that Kim Basinger has dabbled in a number of projects as a singer. She’s got a YouTube channel and a podcast. She also has a daughter named Ireland. But she has hardly been in the spotlight of late.

Basinger has not been shy about her love of animals. A staunch vegetarian, she has spent a great deal of time and energy advocating for animal rights. In addition to her activism, she’s also appeared on numerous PETA and McMillan & Wife advertisements.

One of her more prominent roles was in Curtis Hanson’s adaptation of L.A. Confidential. Her portrayal of Veronica Lake was a contender for best supporting actress. Eventually, she would get her big break, though, in the role of photojournalist Vicki Vale in Batman. This took her career to the next level.

Divorced from Alec Baldwin

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s relationship has been a tumultuous one. While the two stayed married for nearly eight years, the couple eventually broke up after a messy custody battle. The resulting rift was the most expensive in the history of Hollywood. For a time, Baldwin’s father paid for $3 million in legal fees.

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The two had a rocky relationship, but the actor has put that behind him. His latest marriage to yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin is off to a promising start. Their seventh child, daughter Ireland, is now an adult, and it appears that the tumultuous couple has reached a détente.

Alec and his former wife fought over their daughter for four years. During the fight, the pair had to install a private phone line for the child, restrict her calls to 90 minute windows, and provide her with weekly reports on her activities. All of this was done in an effort to keep her from seeing or hearing too much about her father.

Supporter of the environment and animal rights

The actress, businesswoman and fashion model Kim Basinger has been a vocal advocate for animals. Her efforts to end the dog meat trade in South Korea have been a leading light in animal rights activism. She is hoping that the changes she has made in her home country will help to make a difference elsewhere.

The US actress is part of a group of activists, academics, and representatives of the Animal Liberation Front, who are spearheading a campaign to end the practice of eating dogs in South Korea. It has been a decades-long tradition for the country to raise dogs for the human food market. However, 60 percent of the population supports a ban on the trade.

As a result, a bill aiming to ban the dog meat trade has been put forward by Rep. Pyo Chang-won, a member of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea. This bill has been pending in committee for over a year.

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